Jewellery Quarter Academy

“Aspiration and opportunity for your child – a grammar school without selection”

Our sole focus is our children, most of whom come from the local community we serve. Proud of wanting a fantastic education for our children, we draw on the best practice from across the education sector. We have high expectations and strive to provide the best environment and opportunities to help every one of our students realise their potential.

At the heart of our school are our ‘CORE’ values: collaboration, opportunity, respect and excellence.

We work collaboratively because we know that by helping one another we can all benefit. We believe in continual improvement for our school, our students, our staff and our community. Everyone who works in and visits our school is part of what makes it a success.

Our students, parents, staff and governors all have a say in the way our school works. We encourage students and staff to debate and challenge each others’ views and this makes our school stronger.

The opportunities that we provide our children are first class: we are partnered with the Tennis Foundation and we have a ‘Wimbledon’ Rebo Wall on site. We are also forming our first cohort of students to be part of a Combined Cadet Force.

We are fortunate to be located at the heart of this great City, with universities, art galleries, museums and libraries on our doorstep. Our day-to-day school life is enriched hugely by visits and activities to ensure that our children create incredible career opportunities and life chances.

Respect is at the centre of our school community and at the heart of relationships between staff and students. We are uncompromising in our approach to equality and our ambition for every child. Our school is child centred and we celebrate diversity.

Excellence is the outcome of all the hard work that goes on every day at Jewellery Quarter Academy. Our students are nurtured, guided and taught by incredible staff. Together with our families and wider community, we make this school what it is and ensure every single child is reaching their potential.

We have incredibly talented young people in Jewellery Quarter Academy and it is my honour to be the Headteacher of this wonderful school. I strongly recommend that you come and visit to see first hand what makes our school so special. If you can’t visit us in person, then you can keep up to date on Twitter with all that is on offer for our students every day @COREJQAcademy.

Do please feel free to contact the school to arrange a visit by e-mail, phoning or by tweeting.

Russell Bond
Jewellery Quarter Academy