Our Uniform

We wear our uniform with pride and see it as symbolic of what we represent. We are a school where ties are done to the correct length and where you won’t see a child wear trainers. We display excellence in our uniform and are preparing students for their interview for university or their chosen career.



Blazer and Tie
Navy Blue Blazer*
Embroidered Badge*
Navy Blue and Gold Tie*
Pale Blue Shirt
Mid Grey Trousers / Skirt
Black Shoes

PE Kit

Navy and Blue Polo Top*
Navy Blue Shorts*

* Our navy blue blazer with embroidered badge can be purchased from Clive Mark Schoolwear in Small Heath along with the JQ Academy PE Kit.

You can purchase school shirts, trousers, skirts and shoes from any shop.

The Smallprint

Can I please remind you when buying new uniform that:

  • Blazers must be navy blue and not tailored or with any decoration.
  • Skirts must be knee length and not ‘bodycon’ or ‘fitted.’
  • Trousers should be mid-grey and not skin tight.
  • Shoes must be black and not in a trainer style.

We do not engage in discussion about what is and what is not acceptable, the school and Student Cabinet are arbiters of what is and what is not allowed. Unlike other schools we do not publish photographs of acceptable trainers and unacceptable trainers. We expect everyone to respect the spirit of the rules, not to try subterfuge and find a loophole. If you are the sort of person who wants to push the boundaries in terms of lowering standards then sorry, this is not the school for you!

If you have any concerns over uniform then please contact your son/daughters Head of Year.

Our rule of thumb is that if you are unsure then it is not right.

If you do not know if a shoe is a shoe or a trainer then it is not a shoe! We ask that all students wear shoes, laced or slip on and that they are unable to be mistaken for trainers.  We don’t want you to spend a fortune on expensive branded footwear for it not to be in line with the school rules when you could have saved money by buying standard black shoes like the rest of our students.

We all dress the same to show that we are part of the same school, the same community and that we work together and collaborate. Our dress code is meant to reduce issues of discrimination, everyone dresses the same regardless of background.