• Continue to connect with the school community and continue curriculum at home.
  • Office 365 provides the same opportunity to work onscreen to connect with Teachers.
  • Remain connected with Teachers and Support Staff. Responses and regular contact will provide continued safeguarding and curriculum.
  • Education to continue. Delivering a CORE Education means we equip students and staff to connect online for every subject.

Parent Information

Mental Health & Wellbeing:


All students should use Teams and Class Notebook (via Office 365) to access curriculum work set by their teachers and this can be accessed via the app or via a students’ school email. Students can also access learning sites such as EdLounge, GCSEPod, MathsWatch and Seneca for additional activities. A guide to accessing Teams and Class Notebooks can be found here:

Students and parents/carers should also ensure they have downloaded the JQA app to stay in touch with all the latest news from the school find additional work to complete

Students’ form tutors will be in touch weekly with students and families.

The Sharp System enables students to quickly alert a senior leader if they require support.

Students and families should call the school between 8.00am and 3.00pm if they require support or email

A full guide to our #COREconnect curriculum can be found here: